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Godiva's Crown #1

Ok in this post you're going to see my acting skill I don't want to be too cocky but I think my skill is pretty good in a sarcastic way HAHA
Godiva's Crown The file is too big so I only share the link
The video is about 10 minutes or so  It's a comedic movie so don't be so serious There might be some inappropriate scene in this video please be wise :) Thank you for watching and don't forget to leave a comment or two
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Edu Passion

Hello Guys!! Today I want to post an interview project with my friend in Edu Passion event in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Edu Passion is an event where many universities and after-school courses introduce their specialty to us. There are so many stands. There are also foods stands. People outside SMAN 3 also invited to this event AND IT'S FREE!!!

I can't upload the video because it was too big to upload on the blog so I share the link to the video. And there is also some problem in the video. We can't hear the audio so we couldn't make the subtitle. And again I'm so sorry

Godiva's Crown

Godiva’s Crown
Characters : Tasya Berlian C.F        as Godiva Princess (main character) Kaila Zahra N.              as Herseys Princess Putri Karima B.            as  Queen Rocher Azhar Maulana.           as Prince Lindt Dwikavindra Haryo R   as Fairy Man Dwikavindra Haryo R   as Mr. Cadburry (asistant of  Prince) Plot : 1.              Godiva is a princess who is hated by her mother and her sister. 2.              Godiva is forbiden to go to The Lollypop Kingdom’s party. 3.              Godiva got a help from The Fairy Man. 4.              Godiva go to the party and Prince Lindt falling in love to her. 5.              Godiva leave the party, the prince come to her Kingdom and marry her.
Script : (Long time ago, in east AFRICA there is a Kingdom, Chocolate Kingdom. This Kingdom leads by Queen Rocher. She has two daughters. The Older one is Hersey. The younger is Godiva. Hersey want to be the best, she loves to enslave her sister to do many things. Queen Rocher also love Hersey more than Godiva . B…

Hans Zimmer

Hello everybody!!! In this post, I'm going to introduce you The Man Behind Movies.
DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH MOVIES?? Action movies, science fiction movies, romantic movies or even comedic movies?? Can you imagine if they're no background music like when Cooper in Interstellar going out to the outer space stepping into the emptiness without background music?? Then we won't get the feeling like we were in the outer space. With great sound and picture, we can imagine things greater than it already is.
Okay, do you know who is Hans Zimmer?? Well, I think your guess is right. He is the one that makes it all happened in the movie. 
Meet Hans Florian Zimmer he is a film score composer and a record producer. He is born on 12 September 1957 in Frankfurt, West Germany. He has composed music for more than 150 films including The Lion King, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1995, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Thin Red LineGladiatorThe Last Samura…